Subject: OMG! It FITS with EVERYTHING we've come to realise!
From: Veronica
Date: 26/1/14 12:31 pm
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Anna describes how she got into doing it ... what it involves ... and how it works.

Note: The emphasis on 'intuition'! How do we communicate with our Higher Selves ... THROUGH OUR INTUITION!

Note: The fact that 'separation of space' is irrelevant!

Note: That Quantum Physics is getting close to discovering/explaining all this stuff.

Note: She reckons anyone can do it ... it's really just a matter of trying. I know enough people ... with enough animals ... would most certainly vouch for that!

Nothing ... but NOTHING ... this lady says ... contradicts anything we are learning by other means.

Everything ... but EVERYTHING she says ... supports what we are learning about ourselves.

Amazing stuff!

"Way to go ... Anna!"