Subject: "Toxic fear porn" (and things)
From: Veronica
Date: 24/1/14 12:56 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

OMG! The world ends on 21st December, 2012!

OMG! Planet Nibiru/Planet X is just around the corner!

OMG! Comet Elenin is going to cause global catastrophe!

OMG! Comet Ison is going to cause global catastrophe!

OMG! There is the real possibility of a Nuke going off during the London Olympics!

OMG! Climate Change is going to cause the temperature to rise so much, that the Polar Ice will melt … leaving us totally under water!

OMG! Climate change is caused by Man-Made Global Warming … we are on the path to destruction!


… the list of “toxic fear porn” … just goes on.


And that is apart from all the ‘individual’ stuff, pumped out via David Icke’s headlines, Weekly Newsletter,  Internet TV, YooToobs, Alex Jones, UK column … etc.


And, of course, you also have the ‘reverse’ e.g. David Wil(“I’m-a-complete”)cock, Benjamin Ful(“of-shit”)ford, etc … telling us how well the White Dragon Society is sorting everything out. And OPPT telling us everything was sorted out, by a 3-Letter process foreclosure, in December 2012 (that’s now over one year ago … anyone noticed anything ‘sorted out’?). And Kevin “Klueless” Annett with his absurd claims of creating Common Law Courts in Brussels, and dismissing the previous Pope (whose plans for retirement were in place, well before Annett got going), etc.


Has any of this (and all the other stuff I haven’t mentioned), happened?


Are Tony Blair & Hank Poulson in jail – as “Global Analyst”, and “Intelligence Insider”, the late Christopher “The clue is in my Surname” Story told us … back in (when was it … about …) 2006?


And what about all those predictions of pure & complete bollox made by mega-hoaxter David Booth … Oh Shit! I’m sorry! It just slipped out! I meant “Sorcha Faal” (“For her Western Subscribers”).


Is it really so wrong of me to dismiss all these clowns? (Something I’m frequently forced to do? Unfortunately?)


The Internet is, indeed, brilliant!


But it is also a sea of complete and utter bollox.


It’s really so … so … simple. It OPPT are right (and I’m wrong) WHERE’S THE PROOF? “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. Where is the pudding? Who is doing the eating?


And when was the last time Kevin “Klueless” Annett executed his Belgian-issued Arrest Warrant against Queen Elizabeth II? Oh! That’s right! He said: “Now the Arrest Warrant exists, ANYONE can arrest her!”. Of course … I forgot that bit. That’s “anyone”. That’s not Kevin, of course. Where is the pudding, Kevin? Who is doing the eating?




Get it?


Because I say so!


Well, obviously me along with millions of others … of course! (I was just teasing)




Because WE are waking up.


Because WE are becoming more ENLIGHTENED.


Because WE are losing our (inbred & brainwashed) FEARS.


DON’T lose the plot.


DON’T engage in fearmongering (leave to the masters … such as Icke & Jones, etc). And DON’T take the slightest bit of notice of them. If icke told us some stuff ... in the past ... he told us some stuff. Now he just tells us shit.


YOUR THOUGHTS COUNT. Actually that’s (ultimately) ALL that counts.


I’ve said it before, and I don’t mind repeating it. I’ve come to understand that THOUGHT is a (currently) ‘undiscovered’ Energy within the Universe. And that it is FAR MORE POWERFUL than any other Energy we know about.


(And the Quantum Physicists are beginning to realise this, as they gradually discover the formulae & statistics & theory of their trade … DON’T actually work … without assuming some “THOUGHT” input. So ... I'm not completely alone, in that regard. Not that I actually care, of course)


May The Force Be With You (always)