Subject: "Noises off"
From: Veronica
Date: 24/1/14 2:33 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

At the time of writing ... AND ... FOR VARIOUS REASONS ... I DON'T THINK THIS ONE WILL BE FUCKED AROUND WITH ... Michael Doherty's PCP against Tracey Murphy is still on track for the 10th February @ Luton Crown Court (LU1 2AA for SatNavs ... or even CatNavs ... if you want to be led there by your household pets) (Although CatNavs usually just lead them to food, as far as I can make out).

Also, at the time of writing, I've heard nothing to suggest that my previous prediction is incorrect ... that it will be more than just formally lifting the 'stay' ... that has been in place since November 2011.

I still think they will arraign her, and get her to make a plea (Guilty/Not Guilty).

I see no sense in NOT doing that.

It was left in that state, when it was 'stayed', in November 2011.

Bearing in mind the evidence Michael has, she would be CRAZY if she didn't cop a Guilty plea ... and take the 1/3 discount off her prison sentence.

And ... if she did that ... the show would be over ... bar a (future) Sentencing Hearing.

(THIS IS ENTIRELY FROM MY HEAD: There IS the possibility that ... if she was REALLY SMART ... she would turn Queen's Evidence, in order to reduce her sentence even further. Oh! That WOULD BE SOMETHING! It goes - almost - without saying - that she has beans to spill. 'They' [State Mercenaries/CPS] have tried everything in 'Their' power to stop this going ahead. 'They' would not have done that just for some non-entity Secretary ... if there weren't any beans to spill ... if they hadn't put her up to it ... and then tried so hard to prevent "hanging her out to dry". I know that, if I were in her shoes, I would be spitting blood at 'Them')

It is understood that the same Judge (David Farrell) will run the Hearing on the 10th February.

David Farrell is on record as saying (in November 2011) that - in his opinion - based on what he had heard - and the 'defence' (such as it was) her Brief put up(*) - and the base evidence Michael presented - there was "compelling evidence" that she had "manifestly lied", and that she should stand Trial, in front of a Jury, for Perverting the Course of Justice (basically Perjury).

"Guilty" means Custodial Sentence.

This prosecution is central to most of Michael's other prosecutions.

Anyone who wants to watch "a REAL Judge in action" ... a Judge that "does it the RIGHT way" ... should be there.

(* Farrell engaged in 'verbal fisticuffs' with her - ARROGANT - Brief. It was an eye-opener. And, at one point, so hilarious, that it was hard not to laugh. You felt like cheering Farrell on! The Brief put up the most wishy-washy load of absolute crap ... sample: "Well, most people would not find the phone call harassing, but Ms Murphy did. And a Jury could not decide that". Which is precisely why we have Juries - who comprise "what most people think" - to decide that sort of thing. Arrogant twat! He was probably fucked by the fact that Farrell is almost certainly NOT a Freemason)