Subject: More Freedom of Information requests
From: Veronica
Date: 24/1/14 2:26 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

From Peter Brewster

Still awaiting number 10 s response
this one is the environment agancy

However, David Cameron is NOT My Prime Minister.

I told him so, in a letter ... before the Election.

A few weeks before the General Election, the Tories - very stupidly (as they are!) - offered a "Contract" with the British people. They did this on their WebSite.

Gosh ... I WONDER WHERE THEY GOT THAT IDEA FROM? The idea of a "Contract"? (How about: "Lawful Rebellion? Or even my book?)

The "Contract" was a load of old bollox ... fundamentally it just "stated the rules" ... that we all know about ... 5 year term ... etc. etc.

So, I wrote to Camoron and said: "If you win the Election, I refuse your Offer of Contract. So, you won't be MY Prime Minister"

(Still waiting for a response/rebuttal ... argument ... etc. Which, of course, would be difficult for them to do, since an offer is an offer ... and no-one is forced to accept an offer. In Law. Obviously IN PRACTICE they think they can force their 'offers' down our unwilling throats all the time ...).

(Waited long enough now ... however ... so I claim Estoppel).

(In point of FACT ... anyone who (a) Didn't vote Tory, and (b) Didn't specifically write an ACCEPTANCE OF OFFER ... can also claim Camoron is NOT their Prime Minister ... and Theresa May isn't THEIR Home Secretary ... etc. etc. etc. That, of course, is THE LAW ... and applies to the vast majority of the British Isles)