Subject: Strange artifact observed on the Moon
From: Veronica
Date: 21/1/14 9:59 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Very difficult to say that this is 'natural'.

By the way, talking of Moons, there is an episode of QI, on YooToob, on which they were asked: "How many moons does the Earth have?"

Obviously Alan Davies jumped in with: "One".

Only to be told that this was wrong.

That there was another one, called "Cruithne" (which is Celtic, and pronounced Crew-Eth-Na).

However, Alan Davies was sort-of right.

Because Cruithne actually orbits the Sun, and is not a Satellite of the Earth.

However, and on the other hand, Alan Davies was sort-of wrong.

Because there HAVE BEEN TWO COMPLETELY UNIQUE Moons in the entire history of the Earth.

From 23rd August 1946 until the 7th September 1978, after which the second one, called Keith, died.

(RIP Moonie)