Subject: Speeding Tickets
From: Veronica
Date: 21/1/14 12:38 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

This only has the chance of working if more than one individual is on the Driving Insurance.

And, there is no guarantee that it will work, anyway.

However, there is no need to roll over & play dead at the onset of 'intimidation' ... without attempting a few 'spanners in the works'.

If you get a Summons for Speeding, have a close look at what they send you.

It has been noticed that there is a little 'Tick Box' for: "I do not know who the Driver was".

And, if there is more than one individual's name on the Insurance, you could tick that box.

Obviously it would be a waste of time, if there was only one Named Driver.

We DO know that it upsets their little apple cart ... if they can't pin down the Driver.

Even in their brainwashed tiny moronic world, they try to determine the 'right' individual to be the subject of their intimidation.

After all, 'they' don't like being accused of harassment ... of the WRONG individual! (On the other hand being perfectly happy to apply any amount of harassment, threats, and intimidation against whoever 'they' consider to be the RIGHT little scrote ... that should know their place within the enslavement!)

Whether or not it would - ultimately - work ... I don't know.

But it's worth a try.

Just a thought.

PS If you travel in such a way that you risk being picked up for speeding ... maybe it's worth putting someone else on the Insurance ... whether they use the car or not. Yes ... it costs a little bit ... but it could save even more ... in terms of a Fine + Points on your Licence. Your choice, as ever.