Subject: More about Consciousness & Coaching
From: Veronica
Date: 21/1/14 12:10 pm
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Fundamentally: Spirituality.

The attached manual is from Terry Ward (on this list)  ... there are some on the list (including myself) who know him.

(I mean ... where ... do you think ... MY ideas come from? When I'm asked questions ... where do MY answers come from? Do I have someone else, I can ask? Well ... sometimes ... for legal references, etc. 'coz I know as little as possible about "Legal bollox". Most of it just 'comes into my head' ... I can assure you. I just use my intuition most of the time. Spirituality. Start using yours. Realise you have it. Just as much as I do. Crank it up. Start listening to your intuition, your imagination. Start acting on it. I'm nothing 'special'.  If I had a 'Guru', I would just pass you over to him or her. And I could stop writing these e-mails. Because I wouldn't need to, any more. You can do anything I do. You just have to KNOW it ... not BELIEVE it ... KNOW it)