Subject: Re: "Controlled Opposition" aka "Gatekeeping"
From: Veronica
Date: 16/1/14 10:33 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I received this (based on my Noam Chomsky e-mails):

Dear Veronica

I agree wholeheartedly, they are all gatekeepers and puppet master, just telling you enough to keep you, dependent on them.

ROMAN MAXIM "Let he who will be Deceived, be Deceived".

Tommy xx
And Tommy has hit on the fundamental problem (also known to the Romans! At least 2,000+ years ago!) ... which is that far too many people are prepared to let themselves be deceived.

Why do they do that? It's obvious! You are born into SLAVERY.

You are told it's NORMAL.

"That's the way it is!"

As you grow up, you get used to it ... because "That's the way it is!"

You go to school. You are indoctrinated into "That's the way it is!"

You leave school ... and you have to get a job ... because "That's the way it is!"

You find that your job leaves you NO TIME FOR THINKING THINGS such as: "Why is it that way? Should it really be that way?"

So ... you become dependent on others ... people calling themselves "Thinkers" ... to tell you WHAT TO THINK.

The Chomskys, Benns, Brands, Ickes, BBC, Media, Daily Fail, etc.etc. etc. (Even the "Veronicas")

And you have no time to realise that they are only telling you enough to keep you FIRMLY INSIDE the "Box of Deception". (Except the "Veronicas" ... who are pleading with you to think for yourself, outside that Box!)

A Box that only works well for one group of people: THE GLOBAL ELITE (and Chomsky's Puppet Masters)

But then: "Let he who will be Deceived, be Deceived"

And the only way to stop being deceived is ... to stop being deceived.

No-one can do that for you.

It's something you have to do for yourself.

Which comes down to what I've been saying for so long ... that I've forgotten when I first realised it: WE EACH, INDIVIDUALLY, HAVE TO LEARN TO SAVE OURSELVES ... because you don't have the right to expect others (e.g. me ... or anyone else) to do it for you.


In order for you to grow SPIRITUALLY, this entire Paradigm ("That's the way it is!") has been created for your entertainment. To provide you with MAXIMUM DECEPTION.

Spiritual Growth = Being able to see through the Deceptions & Illusions.

You will be given as many chances (incarnations) as you need  ... in order to attain the necessary SPIRITUAL growth.

If you don't make it in this (current) incarnation, then you'll get another one.

And so on. As many as you need.

(Not, necessary, on the Earth, however! You got this one ... here ... on Earth ... because you are FUCKING GOOD at seeing through Deceptions ... Earth is one of the toughest schools!)

You'll get as many incarnations as you need ... in order to realise that what you consider to be "The World", "The Universe", "Reality" ... EXISTS ONLY AND ENTIRELY WITHIN YOUR HEAD.

Simply because there is nowhere else it could be.

(That's what it's all about)

But, but, but, but ... how is it that we can see the same things, then?

The conduit to your Higher Self (Spiritual Self) is via your Imagination.

Your Spiritual Self (the REAL 'you') attaches to your physical body on the 49th day of being a foetus ... in your mother's womb. 

From that point onwards, your Higher Self continually makes 'agreements' - with the Higher Selves of all others you encounter ... such that they will create similar "Realities" ... consequently you will all APPEAR to "see the same things".

It IS ... ALL ... a series of ILLUSIONS.  And the DECEPTIONS are there for you to "see through".