Subject: "Controlled Opposition" aka "Gatekeeping"
From: Veronica
Date: 15/1/14 1:51 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I received this:
Hi Veronica.
                   This man [David Icke] is controlled opposition!! Without a doubt in my mind, same as Russell Brand, Chunky Mark [McGowan], Max Keiser the list just goes on and on. My awarness has helped me so much recently it's unbelievable!!
And I think I have to agree.

The 'originals' were Noam Chomsky & Tony Benn.

'Darlings' of the 'Left'. Long-standing members of the Club of Rome. Their Club of Rome job being: "To become darlings of the Left, such that Lefties would swoon at their feet. And to thereby ensure that none of the Lefties ever thought for themselves".

And, I have to say, both Chomsky & Benn did that job brilliantly.

I've seen Benn, speaking on the platform, at demonstrations. In his audience's eyes, Benn could do absolutely no wrong: "Oh ... Tony knows ... Tony understands ... oh frabtuous day ... calloo-callay!!!!!".

And that made sure NO-ONE ... NO-ONE ... NOT A ONE ... ever questioned him, or ever thought for themselves - or went through the 'mind gate' - that he held firmly closed.

It made me want to vomit.

But, of course, both Benn & Chomsky are wrinklies now. (Seriously wrinkled!).

We need new blood ... don't we?

Enter: Russell Brand, Chunky Mark, and Max Keiser! (Etc.)

And, of course, the 'master' himself: David "It's a big business for me now. It's all the same fundamental problem, but I have an INFINITE number of wrappers of toxic fear porn to push - thereby ensuring my income" Icke.

Preventing people thinking for themselves is "Gatekeeping" i.e. creating "Controlled Opposition" ... thereby making sure that the "opposition" ALWAYS STANDS SHORT ... OF ACTUALLY ACHIEVING ANYTHING.

None of the Ickettes ever think for themselves ... otherwise they would be able to see the bleedin' obvious (that Icke's bollox has long since stopped going anywhere), and they wouldn't be 'Ickettes' any more ... would they?

(PS Any Ickettes, on this list, will be immediately removed upon request for me to do so ... and good luck to you ... going nowhere)