Subject: It's a bit of a ramble ... but ...
From: Veronica
Date: 15/1/14 4:29 pm
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(From Patrick)

WELL ...
... WELL ...
... WELL ...
... worth watching:

I had actually researched Ralph Ring before ... and I knew the basic story about Otis Carr's 'Flying Saucer' ... however, previously, I had only found scrappy details, whereas that video explains the whole story, in detail.

Everything Ralph says fits PERFECTLY with the information we have been given by Philip Corso (in his book The Day After Roswell) ... which is that the "Roswell-Reverse-Engineers" could never work how the Roswell Craft operated. They could not find anything that could represent a 'Control Panel'.

Corso speculates (from the parts he was given to investigate) that the Roswell Craft seemed to be 'telepathically controlled', in some way or other.

The IS-BE ... "Airl" ... who was (allegedly) interviewed (telepathically) by Mathilda MacElroy (see Alien Interview, said the same thing ... these Crafts operate by Consciousness. (They do "What you ASK them to do")

Everything in that video (above), fits will EVERYTHING ELSE I've found out ... in the last 10 years of researching.