Subject: Vision of Consciousness Coaching
From: Veronica
Date: 14/1/14 9:51 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I pass this on, for everyone's consideration.

Normally I would not ... since it is:

1. An organisation ... and
2. Demands "money" (I presume).

However, if you read what Philip says, you'll see that these people APPEAR to hold similar views to my own.

Furthermore Consciousness & Awareness are the keys to every 'castle', without a shadow of a doubt.

And they are FUNDAMENTAL to what I do, myself.

Which is why I pass it on for consideration.

(Philip, by the way, is a recent addition to my list. Originally from South Africa (think: Michael Tellinger!), he is Dutch, but lives in England. He was employed as a Carer in an Old Folks Home up north, and subsequently jailed on a trumped-up charge of abusing a patient ... even though there was witness who could state that the incident did not happen. The witness was 'nobbled' i.e. threatened with 'loss of job' to keep mouth closed)

This is what Philip sent me.

Hi Veronica

I've noticed you're sending a lot of email the last week ... really enormous what writing you're doing. Anyway, are you well?

I came back from Holland today as I completed one of Creative Consciousness International's (CCI) 4-day experiential seminar/workshops yesterday. What I experienced was what CCI names as their Master I The Awareness Process

The director of worldwide training (he was at the Dutch 4-day session I participated in) mentioned before we finished last Sunday that he has a VISION for a new world that doesn't need governments, money, statutory legislation, religion, greedy corporations etc. Sounds familiar to your vision, doesn't it? [Errr ... yes] He mentioned a few other things, but the former stuck in the circuitry of my brain, it surely did. 

He envisions a world where schools (or maybe just parents alone) teach their children the arts of awareness, expansion (creation), love as a state of being, passion, integrity, authenticity etc. Doesn't this sound familiar too? [Errr ... yes]

Here's one of CCI's 8-minute clips where he brought his training first of all to my home country: South Africa:

Veronica, they do not provide training in an academic fashion at all. It was truly based on putting various states of being into practice throughout the 4 days. I would highly recommend more BRITISH folk start becoming more aware of human consciousness and development.

If any folk you email regularly are interested/could be open to these sessions, then pass the information on.

Kind regards,