Subject: David Icke
From: Veronica
Date: 14/1/14 10:34 am
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David Icke

I’ve been sort-of ‘accused’ of changing my stance over David Icke. That, at one stage I supported him, but now I don’t (which is not very consistent ... I've been accused of 'inconsistency').

Well, that’s why I wrote ‘accused’ in quotes. Because one’s view of a situation can change, as more information emerges.

The point is that my ‘support’ hasn’t changed very much at all.

I’ll explain, by repeating those things I used to say about him:

1.     He has been accused of being a Freemason. Some of this was due to an obviously photoshopped image, and also due to being caught, on video, “doing a funny handshake with Bill Ryan of Project Camelot”. I KNOW that Icke has had arthritis for most of his life … being the reason he had to give up being a Goalkeeper for Coventry City. I also KNOW what arthritis can do to someone’s hands, because my Mother-in-Law had it for many years. I still maintain, to this day, that would be the reason for the ‘funny handshake’.

2.     I KNOW that Icke never wrote a single word if he did not have at least TWO references behind it. (And that includes ‘The Reptiles’). Thus, whatever he wrote, was always honest … to his own satisfaction, at least. I have encountered FOUR people, since 2001, who would swear on Oath .. that they have seen Reptilian shape-shifting with their own eyes.

3.    He has been criticised for “living a life of luxury”. I am reasonably sure that this could not be true. Bearing in mind that I lived on the Isle of Wight for six months, “luxury” is very hard to come by … since EVERYTHING has to come (expensively) from the Mainland. He has done videos, showing the apartment he lives in. Obviously I have no idea how big his bank account is.

So … those are the things I used to say about him … and say the same today.

However, in the interim, other things have emerged.

I would very much doubt that David Icke personally blew the £300,000 donated to his Internet TV Station “The People’s Voice”. I really do not think “fingers in the till ...  TO THAT EXTENT” is his style.

The latest being the acrimonious resignation of Sarah Poulton from TPV.

And what has emerged is Icke’s ARROGANCE. That he is prepared to “Shoot the Messenger” (Poulton) rather than look for the real villains.

And I’ll criticise him for that.

And I’ll criticise him for the fact that, over the last few years, he has been made well aware of Lawful Rebellion (he even offered me a LR subsection of his Forum, at one point. I thanked him, and pointed out that I already had one … FMOTL).

And yet, has chosen to ignore the bleedin’ obvious … and to continue to pump out toxic fear porn left, right, centre. THE SAME FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM (just in a different wrapper) … HAVING THE SAME FUNDAMENTAL SOLUTION.

And I’ll SEVERELY criticise him for that.

It’s also become transparently obvious that he firmly believes his face must be in front of a TV Camera. Once again, that has taken time, to become so bleedin' obvious.

So, no … my views haven’t really changed in the form of becoming ‘reversed’. My original view/support stands, but has expanded (negatively) … because of his subsequent ‘performance’.

Cut me down to shreds if you wish.