Subject: Posted today ... 1st Class
From: Veronica
Date: 13/1/14 4:56 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


1. My letter to the Home Office, related to my NOUICOR. (Bated breath on that one!)

2. A cheque for £30, to Amy Vickers.

Who is Amy?

Amy is Lloyd Pye's widow.

That cheque was my latest support for the Starchild Project.

Until April, anyone can send a cheque to Amy (leave the Payee 'open') to her address in Belfast:         
Amy Starchild
1 Reagh Island Park
Co. Down BT23 7BP
Northern Ireland
And ... furthermore ... it's how been agreed that my friend Morgan Reynolds will be interviewing Matthew Brownstein ... on Morgan's Internet Radio Show ... ..Wednesday 22nd January 10:00pm - midnight (our time).

Matthew is now running the Starchild Project (actually has been for the last year or so, when Lloyd was ill)

The donations are required in order to fund the decoding of the whole DNA genome of the Skull. Sufficient decoding has already been done (for free) such as to determine that the Skull is Alien. However, orthodox (so-called) 'science' would only accept the complete genome ... which would be irrefutable ... no wriggle-room remaining.

It will take hundreds of thousands of $ to decode the whole genome (I recall a figure of $1/4 million). There is now a very big machine (called a "454 Machine"), that does it.

(AFTER THAT last-gasp effort in terms of "money", the Starchild overturns EVERYTHING.

For example: "Money".

Do you REALLY think Aliens 'trade'? In US Dollars? In Pounds Sterling? In any of the ILLUSIONS we consider to be so important?

The Starchild is the most important thing to have ever happened. It overturns the vast majority of 'accepted Science & Physics', all Religions, Darwin, Einstein, David Cameron, Margaret Thatchler etc. etc. etc. ... and Parking Tickets.

The only thing likely to be remaining is .... Nikola Tesla)