Subject: More 'Summonses'
From: Veronica
Date: 13/1/14 9:43 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Having just written a private e-mail pointing out the difference between ‘theory’ and ‘practical reality’, I’ve been prompted to write this one.

It concerns “What to do if you get a Summons?”… “What’s the best tack?

Well, first of all, in a Star Chamber, you can expect to get ‘shouted’ down. (You will be lucky if you aren't. 'Intimidation' is their meat & drink).

So, you need some means of “… at least getting some of your oar into the water”.

And the practical way of doing that is to write a letter.

At least ‘someone’ will read it. They will have to do that, in order to know ‘where to file it’.

I sent out an e-mail, earlier today, which (as an attachment) suggested a suitable letter for any kind of demand (Council Tax, TV Licence, Income Tax, VAT, Fixed Penalty Notice, Road Tax, etc).

If it is something else e.g. Speeding, I’ll work out something and post a suggestion in that respect.

If you decide to go, then - in the Star Chamber - you can simply say: “It’s all in the letter. Read it. I’m only here to collect the names of any individuals who conspire to abrogate my Indefeasible Rights – such that I can prosecute them if necessary”.

You would only actually go (turn up), in order to have fun ... but also to collect those names.

You would take along as many friends as possible.

Then you can play with them … “Are they on their Oath”, “I’m a man (or woman), what are you?”, etc … all the stuff that has been endlessly discussed … to your heart's content.

If they shout you down, then they’ve got the letter. And, if you do sufficient research when you are there ... you will at least get the name of the Clerk of the Court. You might even find that in the WebSite.

Ultimately, you could initiate (the) Private Prosecution (you threatened) as "R v The Clerk at 'such and such' Magistrates Court who presided over Case Number 'such & such', in Court Number 'such and such', at 'such and such' a time, on 'such & such' a date + Persons Unknown sitting on the Bench at that time" ... filling in the 'such and suches' appropriately. This - from Star Chamber records - would be sufficient to identify the Clerk & the Maggots, and allow the Indictment to be adjusted accordingly.

It might also trigger someone in the system to wake up to the way they try to do their dirty work ... without identifying themselves.