Subject: Putting 9/11 finally to bed ...
From: Veronica
Date: 11/1/14 10:11 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

With regard to my latest e-mail about 9/11, I was asked the following questions (about things I did not bother to mention):
What about the eye witnesses and mobile phone images?  I would find it difficult to believe that every one of those who said they saw one or both planes were actors.  People described the type of plane, its colour and having no windows.
Eyewitness accounts are only valid if there is no Forensic evidence.

But there is Forensic evidence ... buckets of it ... and it ALL says the eyewitnesses are full of shit.

So ... eyewitnesses count for nothing.

Furthermore, 6 months prior to 9/11, there was a TV Film called The Lone Gunman. This was the brainchild of Chris "X-Files" Carter. The plot comprised "Hijacked plane ... being flown into the WTC Tower - by terrorists".

Apart from the amazing "co-incidence" (????), in the TV Film - right at the last moment - the Good Guys managed to get into the Remote Control System, and divert the plane over to top of the Tower.

How many eyewitnesses had that TV Film in mind, when they made the statements they made?

Furthermore, a friend - involved in litigation - got his partner to write an Affidavit. She said that she was with him "all day", and could (therefore) verify what he had said/done "all day". He said "No ... you were not with me in the afternoon". She maintained (for YEARS!) (most assuredly) that she was. He finally showed her a Text Message, that she had sent to him, on that day, saying "See you at 6pm". Which must have meant that she was not with him during the afternoon of that day.

Forensic evidence (e.g. the Text Message) trumps "eyewitness" (i.e. what people honestly believe ... with all their heart & soul).

There were no "Mobile Phone images" (any more than the possibility of using a Mobile Phone on a plane, in 2001!).

There were Amateur Videos showing 'planes'. This was because a company  called "Camera Planet' put out a call for all amateur footage, saying it wanted to collect as much footage as possible. When the footage was returned, 'planes' had been added.

However, because it was all done in so much of a rush, many of the added images were incomplete ('Amputated planes') & and different Flight Paths etc.

It was such a complete cock-up ... that it was laughable.

This has all been re-evaluated endlessly, and I have too much else to do than to discuss 9/11 any further.

If you want more information ... I'm afraid you'll have to do the research.

Either that, or accept the fact that a Team of VERY INTELLIGENT Researchers looked at the situation back in 2004/5/6, and came to the inescapable conclusions that I wrote in my previous e-mail.

ANYTHING you hear about 9/11 - and so-called "9/11 Truth" - is bollox ... unless it matches up with the 'sterile research' done by Dr. Morgan Reynolds, Dr. Judy Wood, Gerard Holmgren, Rosalee Grable, Nico Haupt, Andrew Johnson, Rick Siegel, and Veronica: of the Chapman family, with Jeff King, Jeff Strahl + a few others who don't wish to be named.

We used the Law to come to our conclusions.

The REAL Law.


The Laws of Physics, Chemistry & Thermodynamics.