Subject: From Mike: "Council Tax Comedians"
From: Veronica
Date: 11/1/14 2:19 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Hey, Veronica.
The following is included for your entertainment.  Haven't decided how to extract the most fun from this yet.  As ever, please feel free to distribute (or not) as you wish.
Mike Bridger

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... Just had a FINAL REMINDER delivered. Hmmmm..... Voter Registration form. AND it had an URGENT slip of paper included. BIG BLACK BOLD printing on RED paper. WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR FORM. (My form???) They must be desperate. HOWEVER....... On reading the form we see the following delightful details: In the section marked NAMES it has:
"No Registered Electors".

On the reverse of the document is written:
"...The form is already printed with 
the names of people listed as living at this address..."

Really???? The names are "No Registered Electors"???? Really???? Really can't decide where to go with this for the maximum entertainment value [Fully understood - Veronica]. Perhaps we should just sling it into the corner for a few days and let the old thought processes stew for a little while. Who knows? Perhaps something funnier may emerge...
It is ESSENTIAL that we extract MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT VALUE from these Robots.

Maybe something like:

Dear Sirs,

I herewith return YOUR Form ... since it obviously doesn't belong to me.

You have probably been looking high and low for it, in which case you can henceforth sleep soundly, now that it has turned up.

There is no need to thank me.


No-Registered: of the Electors family