Subject: Diary Dates?
From: Veronica
Date: 10/1/14 7:43 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(Just heard) ... Michael Doherty's first Private Criminal Prosecution - against Police Commander's Secretary Tracey Murphy (for Perverting the Course of Justice) is now 'live' once more, after the Crown Prosecution Service have agreed to sling their collective hooks.

A Hearing has been set for Monday 10th February in Luton Crown Court (Judge David Farrell). Apparently the Hearing is listed for 1/2 hour, thus Michael thinks it will simply be to lift the 'stay' ... that has been in place since the Judicial Review of the CPS was applied for.

But I say: Things don't go according to plan. They might very well decide to extend it (between now & 10th February) ... turning it into the Plea Hearing that must now take place (Murphy has yet to plead "Guilty"/"Not guilty" ... it was at that point that it was 'interrupted' - by the CPS - trying to close it down). I see no reason why the 10th won't go at least that far.

Since Tracey Murphy is looking at 'prison time', and since the case against her is pretty much cut & dried (which is precisely why the CPS tried to shield her ... and failed), she would be CRAZY to plead "Not guilty" ... rather than take the 'prison time discount' she would get for pleading "Guilty" ... and thus would obviate the need for a subsequent Jury Trial.

Therefore (in my humble opinion ... and ONLY my opinion) it may very well be that February 10th is the last we will hear of this first Private Criminal Prosecution ... as we sadly wave goodbye to Tracey Murphy ... whilst they lead her down the steps ... en route to Holloway ... now on remand ... awaiting Judge Farrell's decision as to how long she will actually remain there.

So, I say: ALL WELCOME (from 10:00am onwards) ... possibly gathering earlier ... and maybe the evening before ... at Ali's Restaurant.

Then we have Wednesday January 29th in Hereford Maggots Circus (Judge Nigel Cadbury) where Guy Taylor will be laying information against British Gas employees (e.g. Tazz Brown & the other Wossname) ... and making an Application for a Private Criminal Prosecution against these two.

Michael (at this time) has agreed to be there ... and ALL WELCOME.

Then we also have Michael's third Private Criminal Prosecution against his ex-wife Nina Jordan, on Monday 24th March in Aylesbury Crown Court (Judge not yet known). This will be "Pleas & Case Management".

Once again: ALL WELCOME.

(There are other things going on, which people are keeping close to their chests.

All 'good', from what I've been told.

So, personally speaking, I think 2014 is the year to seriously start nailing the bastards)