Subject: Mark Duggan Inquest ... a Black Day in our history ...
From: Veronica
Date: 9/1/14 2:12 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Thankfully TWO members, of a Jury of 10, had their heads screwed on the right way round.

The right way round says:

1. If a man had a gun ... and threw it away ... then he no longer had a gun ... or

2. If the man didn't have a gun in the first place ... then he didn't have a gun.

This means he was completely UNARMED ... and consequently no serious threat to any trigger-happy Thug-in-Uniform.

Therefore: If he was shot dead by that trigger-happy Thug-in-Uniform, then he was NOT killed in any kind of self-defence ... which means he was UN-lawfully killed by the Thug-in-Uniform (however many crocodile tears that Thug may later shed) ... and that Thug should be tried for MURDER.

This Verdict is so perverse to the evidence that we have seen in the Media (and all those attending the Inquest seem to agree that they were the fundamental points) ... then I can't believe this Verdict will stand for very long. It has to be overturned ... even though a Jury Verdict is notoriously difficult to overturn.

However, they HAVE been overturned ... in the past (Guildford 4, Birmingham 6 ... the problem being that it took so many years).

We just have to hope that this one will be overturned in a much shorter time.

Meanwhile we have to thank & salute the TWO ... who had their heads screwed on the correct way round. And remember that it would have only taken ONE MORE to have bounced the entire thing back to Square 1 ... because 7-3 is never an acceptable Verdict "beyond reasonable doubt".

However, if the Duggan family's 'Legal Representatives' can't do any better than they've done so far, there may be little hope. So we have to hope they WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! Because it's pretty obvious they didn't explain FULLY what "beyond reasonable doubt" means.

(There's a lesson here, isn't there? YOU CANNOT RELY ON PEOPLE KNOWING WHAT A PHRASE MEANS ... because they have been so DUMBED DOWN ... and their attention span shortened by Media/Twitter/Facebook/Eastenders/Neighbours/X-Factor/Mobile Phone Texting, and other 'sound-bite' influences, etc. So you have to very carefully - and very patiently - re-explain "life" to them?)

The State Mercenaries want to build "better Public Relations"? No chance! Not a chance in hell, while they carry on like this.