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Date: 31/12/13 2:31 pm
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Patrick's letter to The Times (newspaper?)

(This happens every year)


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Subject: Overlooked .. yet again ..
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The Times
      I see that, once again, I have been overlooked in the New Year's Honours List .This is after  40 of years of monitoring, speaking on and writing about the murdering quacks of the medico-pharma mafia, the planet-killers of the petro-industrial complex, the spivs, half-wits, quarter-wits and quislings who have managed to slither their way into Parliament  and the ignorant, lying, cowardly, corrupt, incompetent, derelict-of-duty, impossible-to-insult, Establishment-lackey trash-hacks , trying to pass themselves off as journalists.    ... 

Where am I going wrong?

Pat Rattigan
S41 0HH