Subject: British Gas
From: Veronica
Date: 18/12/13 1:42 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

You may remember - some time ago - that Guy Taylor was being prosecuted, by British Gas, for 'abstracting electricity' (whatever that is supposed to mean).

That BG employees broke into Guy's secured Industrial Unit ... and took away his own Landlord's Meter.

And, to do that, wrote out their own Warrant of Entry, on their own notepaper.

(And so on).

Well ... I've just heard that a Judge (in Worcester) threw out BG's claims a few days ago, and awarded Guy all costs.

Here's the report:

Hi V,
        We had an awesome day Monday in Worcester Crown Court, went in got called up at 2pm and there is a different prosecutor not Connelly which was strange as I had seen him in the building earlier and waved at him to speak to him but he ran off. We go into Court and the security tell me to go into the glass box I ignored them and the Judge (Jukes) said "no no Mr Taylor please go to your usual place" so me and Linda go to the defence table and lay out all our paperwork. The prosecutor says "I have only just got this brief and would like to get familiar with it so would like an adjournment but upon viewing your comments at the last hearing I feel that my plea will fall on stoney ground" Judge Jukes said "it certainly will!!! you have 15 minutes adjournment to talk to your clients and make a decision if you want to continue!"
fifteen minutes later back in court the prosecutor said he wasn't confident that the prosecution had enough evidence to get to half time the judge said how has it taken until now for that to be realised? this has very serious consequences you do realise that don't you? prosecutor says yes mlud. Judge awards us 2 years of costs against the CPS and states "I am making a ruling for the record in this case of not guilty!!"  & "Mr Taylor you have been found not guilty of this" I then said "Sir! for all my battles with corruption in the civil courts you have given me faith there can still be justice in the criminal courts as justice has been served here today" he got up Linda said "Merry Xmas" the Judge and Clerk smiled, the Judge got up and left, we went outside Linda was leaping around and laughing through the main building Taz Brown and 2 others went past and said "see you in civil court" to which I replied " see you in the criminal courts on your burglary charge, burglar!!"
We went down the pub and you can guess the rest! hung over yesterday back to normal today. Love Guy xxx 

1. I think I know why they would have changed the Prosecutor ... I think it would have been the same reason why the new one could proceed ... because the case against Guy was UTTER CRAP ... with more holes in it than a Swiss Cheese.

2. Note the last sentence: See you in CRIMINAL Court, Tazz Brown! (Breaking & Entering, Burglary, Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice ...etc)