Subject: Yes ... the "Mandela thing" has been bubbling around for some while ...
From: Veronica
Date: 14/12/13 2:28 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... Nelson Mandela actually died - 'surgically' - in June 2013.

Which might explain the jovial nature of the 'selfie' enjoyed by Camermoron, Obarmy, and that Helle Wossname ... at his so-called 'memorial':

... after all ... the guy had been dead for about 6 months.

And then there are the rumours that Mandela was a product of MI6 ...

... well ... that wouldn't surprise me. You don't get anywhere, these days, without that sort of "Oooomph" behind you ...

PS For those who don't know what "... other major deceptions along Paul McCartney lines." means ... it is talking about the persistent rumours that Paul McCartney died during the making of the Abbey Road album ... after having a major argument with John Lennon ... and drove off in a huff ... and smashed his Aston Martin into a tree. To be immediately replaced with a 'look-alike' ... "William Campbell"