Subject: Re: David Icke's New Internet TV Channel ...
From: Veronica
Date: 11/12/13 11:47 am
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(From Mike)

Someone else sees right through David Icke (so people on this list are not the only ones):
"You have absolute free reign and yet, if you were truly as dangerous to the system as you present yourself (and you’re not because you actually DO sod all and you abide by every goddamned rule in the book while you spit at your followers that they should be “getting up off their arses”)",

David Icke (and Gareth Icke) (and, unfortunately Mark Windows ... who is actually a very nice fella ... but he's not ... what one would call 'modest') have an 'ego' problem.

They firmly (probably subconsciously, in Mark's case) believe that their 'face' "Should be in front of a TV Camera".

I think Brian Gerrish has a similar problem (together with a "Napoleon Complex" ... I can say more about that ... as may ever be necessary. I know what he did ... way way back ... during the "Westminster Times" era ... just before the "UK Column" era).

Getting one's face in front of a TV Camera leads to 'massive compromise'.

Personally speaking, I don't know anything about 'compromise' ... it's not in my nature ... (as Neil says: "V, you are as subtle as a sledgehammer")

From Alan:
I was down at TPV for a day to see if I would fit in reporting etc. I did some research / production work for the morning show. The producer wanted me to call him on Friday, I did. He was busy. I called on Monday.... He was going to call back in 10 minutes..... I'm still waiting.
       I doubt they will use my talents as I don't live in London, they were very disappointed I lived in Norfolk. 
Anyway judging by the people I met that day, it's 90+ % unpaid volunteers (as it's stated to be not for profit)
       I was there on the first Wednesday after launch still a bit chaotic but then I would expect it to be.
As an assistant producer I would expect my mobile to be in meltdown with interview & story leads, as of time of writing it's very quiet.  We shall see but if they want to give me story leads I will follow them up but I'm not going to chase the producer. 

So that's my connection & opinion on TPV. 
To Alan and Michael I say: "You both had lucky escapes. Your Guardian Angles are on your side".

(90% unpaid? I bet I could work out who the remaining 10% are)