Subject: Responses to my e-mail about The People's Voice
From: Veronica
Date: 10/12/13 9:06 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

i agree,with ...your observations.

also,i find it,rather strange`for someone...who has been warning,about the
nasty effects,of.....`watching to much tv.....who then encourages people
to tune into...big gob tv..[see logo]..which is on air 10.hours.? a day.

AND......then....their` is the money...which their NEVER,seems to be
enough. takes off.?..i will be...PAY TO VIEW.


Good old "David Yikes!" (as I now call him)

Yikes they're doing this ... Yikes they're doing this ... Doom Gloom Doom Gloom  ... now its time for an interval and to play us through is my Son and his band with their new record "I am the doomsayer@" available on the new CD which can bought in the Foyer for just £10

You get the picture!


Yes, these people do like the sound of their own voices. :-)

So ... I'm not the only one ... am I?

(There are now only 83 people on this list, because Mark Windows asked to be removed. That was not a real surprise)

Mark criticised me for "not finding out the facts, first of all".

Here was my response:
Dear Mark,

My opinions are actually based on DIRECT FACTS.

The DIRECT FACT the David PERSONALLY DISMISSED ME, Lawful Rebellion, and The Common Law in 2009.

And nothing I've seen in his doom & gloom headlines & output has led me to believe that his view has changed.

Furthermore, I was in reasonably close contact with his long-term friend, Justin Walker, for about four years. In that time Justin tried to persuade Icke about Lawful Rebellion etc ... all to no avail.

It's David Icke's livelihood ... ... and that much is patently obvious.
I can take you off my list any time you want.


BTW & FWIW: It now also seems to have become the livelihood of his elder son, Gareth - by constantly swooning over, and plugging, Gareth's records - and his younger son, Jamie (now David's Tour Manager).

I also know a gentleman by the name of Ray Moore. Who is Ray Moore? The guy who arranged all of David Icke's Presentation Venues when David first started up (back in the 1990s).

After all that long-term loyalty ... blood, sweat, tears - Icke then 'binned' Ray (one fine day), in favour of his son, Jamie.

And so the 'doom & gloom' bandwaggon rolls on.