Subject: "United Against Injustice"
From: Veronica
Date: 9/12/13 11:40 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(From Philip)

My attention has been drawn to a group known as United Against Injustice ... which would seem to have similar-ish aims to our own.

I'm a bit suspicious of some of the 'Leaders', for example Bruce Kent.

I'm also suspicious of any 'organisation' ... as most here will know ... particularly one that claims 'Leaders'.


Nevertheless, it might be an idea to keep tabs on this group, and find out what they have to say, so I would plan to go to a future meeting, methinks.

It seems to me that - by the look of them - they are all yada yada yada ... etc. (That, and Demonstrations, those being Bruce Kent's modus operandi ... remember ... he was CND Chairman during the 1980s).

"Actions speak louder than yada yada yada" ... and "actions" = Private Criminal Prosecutions.

I notice they gave Paddy Hill (Birmingham Six) a shout, a couple of years back.

A few of us saw Paddy speak in Westbourne Park, a while back.

What happened to Paddy was horrendous. They stuck a gun in his mouth - AND PULLED THE TRIGGER - in order to get him to sign a "confession".

The gun wasn't loaded.

I think they told him it would be loaded next time.

Try to imagine that.

Try to imagine the limits the State Mercenaries would go to in 1975! (Let alone today!)

The gun they used was a revolver. Paddy said he will see that hammer coming down for the rest of his life.

(Paddy was a small-time thief. He completely admits to stealing a few cars, and being 'a naughty boy' in his youth. But he didn't even support the IRA, let alone conspire to set off a bomb in a Birmingham Pub.

In these 'enlightened' times, we now know the likely 'suspects' for "Guildford" & "Birmingham". The same ones who did the London Bombings ... and all the other 'False Flags')