Subject: "That man" ... yet again!
From: Veronica
Date: 9/12/13 12:50 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

If you can recall a couple of weeks ago, Michael Doherty's Private Criminal Prosecution against his ex-wife Nina Jordan reached a slight impasse ... because she had instructed a firm called Fuckers aka "Tuckers", who had once acted for Michael.

And so there was immediate 'conflict of interest', and there was an adjournment ... while she found new knickers ... errr ... I mean "Briefs".

Well, today, in Milton Keynes, it all went ahead ... and the case against Nina was committed (from Milton Keynes Maggot's Circus) to Aylesbury Crown Court (for the actual Trial).

(Apparently the District Judge in MK took it upon himself to define many of the 'arrangements' ... that would normally take place in the Crown Court. But that doesn't really change anything ... it just means that some of the 'variables' have already been defined).

The charges, on the Indictment, are the same as on Tracey Murphy's Indictment (i.e. Michael's first PCP ... which now has the green light, since the CPS backed off ... rather than be "Judicially Reviewed") ... these are Perverting the Course of Justice, and Perjury.

All three of Michael's (current) PCPs are very much intertwined, because it was on the basis of Nina Jordan's complaint of 'harassment' ... that the two State Mercenaries (McDonald & Blackburn) threatened to break Michael's door down.

Michael said he was happy to come and see them ... but only after he had finished feeding his baby son ... and that - apparently - did not satisfy their blood lust.

(It's like: "This woman says you harassed her ... so we are going to smash your door down". Is it just me, or are they using some strange, inverted, State Mercenary Dictionary ... or something?)

Anyway ... it's now (almost) Full Steam Ahead ... to a large extent.

The only current 'fly-in-the-ointment' is that the CPS are trying to stop the McDonald & Blackburn one.

Same old shit!

So that's under Judicial Review!

How many times do they have to be hit ... before they realise that they, themselves, actually have no clout?

The Crown Prosecution Service must have a Death Wish.


1. Tracey Murphy (Police Commander's Secretary): Perverting the Course of Justice, and Perjury ... Luton Crown Court ... green light ... clear road ... Judge David Farrell agreed she should face a Jury ... just waiting for Trial Date Listing.

2. Sergeant Gareth Blackburn and Detective Constable Stephen MacDonald: Kidnap, GBH, Aggravated Burglary ... etc. etc ("... as long as yer arm, m'Lud!") ... Southwark Crown Court ... stayed ... pending Judicial Review of CPS 'interference' ... thus no Listing Date available.

3. Nina Jordan (ex-Wife): Perverting the Course of Justice, and Perjury ... Aylesbury Crown Court ... no Listing Date yet available ... because it only happened today.

Happy New Year Tracey, Nina, Gareth & Stephen!