Subject: Looking forward the Paganmas Eve ...
From: Veronica
Date: 7/12/13 1:06 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... which is a Tuesday ... and the last working day before Paganmas.

This is the day that I will receive my BIG PAGANMAS PRESENT ...

... a Summons from Hounslow Borough Council Revenue Services.

They will do this, in order to 'kill my Christmas' ... but what they will do - IN ACTUAL FACT - is to give me the best Paganmas present I could wish for!

Yes ... I'm talking about the response - posted out in a previous e-mail (slightly adjusted ... thanks Ray ...) that I have already prepared ... in anticipation of their inevitable Council Tax Liability Summons.

(Obviously I'll send of the final version ... as and when this happens)

A few people 'got it'.

'Got the idea'.


(Everything "non-Criminal", of course. Well ... almost. Mortgages are a separate thing).

Every single case was DISMISSED 325 years ago! (Actually 800 years ago ... 1215)

The cart does not draw the horse.

It applies almost without changing a word. Because "Council Tax" isn't mentioned! Even the references to Bayleafs & Committal Summons could be considered 'universal'.

Let's prosecute them all!

Happy Paganmas everyone!