Subject: Last link didn't work ...
From: Veronica
Date: 7/12/13 11:38 am
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... and should have been this:

(Yes, Chris ... it was the former ... a 'thing' called "Ben Lowrey Himself")

According to Ray, Ben's uncle is a bloke called Steve Smith, who married an Albanian bird called "Dani".

They formed a company (Talk Fusion) which managed to relieve thousands of dosh from a few 'followers' ... before having to dissolve it.

Some friends of mine were caught up in the Talk-Fusion bollox (or should that be Talk-Bollox Fusion?) and were politely relieved of large sums of money by Steve for "leads" that The Smiths were touting. And when I say large I am talking thousands!

Turns out - because I did some digging that these "Leads less than 30 days old" were being sold by a company which was dissolved, which Steve once owned and traded from a non-existent address in Bristol.

And who's name was on the emails that were allegedly coming from this "company"