Subject: More comet comments
From: Veronica
Date: 30/11/13 7:02 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

See how the Meeeeeeeeeeeja clings to BULLSHIT!

It has been proved - CONCLUSIVELY - by samples brought back from probes - that Comets are NOT "dirty chunks of ice".

They are, in point of NOW ESTABLISHED FACT - brothers of Asteroids & Meteors ... or (at the very least) 'close cousins'.

There is ALMOST NOTHING about the ACTUAL OBSERVED behavior of Comets that fits the BULLSHIT promulgated by the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation.

Comets, like everything else in the Universe ... INCLUDING THE SUN (and you & I) - are 'ELECTRIC'. And their behaviour depends on the electric charge, in that part of space - through which they pass (at any given time).

We are shielded, here on Earth, by the Earth's Magnetic Field. Which means WE ... remain largely unaffected by whatever space we go through.

But Stellar Objects don't have the benefit of the 'protection' that Planets provide (via their Magnetic Fields).

So 'funny things' happen to Stellar Objects ... and - because Scientists don't acknowledge the bleedin' OBVIOUS ... they scratch their heads searching for answers.

They scratch their heads:

1. Trying to work out what 'Sunspots' are;

2. Trying to work out how the space around the Sun is 2,000,000 degrees K .. while the surface temperature is only 6,000 degrees K. (How can it be HOTTER ... further away from the Sun?)

Both of these questions are readily answered if the Universe is considered to be 99.999999% 'electric', and the Sun (and Stars) are simply 'central nodes, storing up the electric charge' (like a bloody great Re-chargeable Batteries). THE 'HEAT' IS GOING INWARDS, GENTLEMEN ... AT 2,000,000K ... STORED UP ... AND THEN BEING FED BACK OUT AT 6,000K, IN ORDER TO WARM THE PLANETS!

If Comet Ison did disintegrate (as many of them do), then it ran into a bit of space that was oppositely charged. Which created (what we call) 'Lightning'. However, in that case, and under those conditions- with ZERO 'shielding' - it would have been 'Lightning-on-Steroids'.

You know what lightning can do? Imagine what
'Lightning-on-Steroids' can do.