Subject: Classic advice: "Record EVERYTHING" ...
From: Veronica
Date: 30/11/13 1:58 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... when dealing with the State Mercenaries.

You'll be glad you did ... because "they make it up, as they go along".

(And always remember Napoleon Bonaparte's CLASSIC advice, as well! Don't interrupt them, while they are making mistakes)

Just think of the position Andrew Mitchell would be in, if he had had his Mobile Phone set to 'record'. Big lesson for everyone, there.

The 'interesting' thing ... about all this ... is:

1. The Met. State Mercenaries are (or were) investigating the IPCC (Deborah Glass)

... meanwhile ... due to Plebgate ...

2. The IPCC are (or were) investigating the Met. State Mercenaries.

Can you say "Mexican stand-off"?

(Meanwhile Michael Doherty is prosecuting members of the Met. State Mercenaries AND has evidence to prosecute the IPCC (Deborah Glass))

Can you say "Mexican wave"?

Let's hope Michael gets a NewBalls Prize, because all this endemic corruption has gone quite far enough.