Subject: Responses to Milton Keynes Update
From: Veronica
Date: 29/11/13 6:25 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Some people on this list have responded to the information I posted out earlier.

I should have pointed out that this delay ACTUALLY HELPS Michael, because it makes it more likely that he will hear the result of his High Court Appeal (necessary after Stitch-Up-In-Stevenage & Stitch-Up-In-St-Albans), before having to deal with his own Prosecutions.

The longer 'They' delay things, the better - in point of fact.

(It 'turns the screw' on 'foot-dragging' in response to Michael's Appeal. 'They' would much rather Michael went into his Private Prosecutions 'sullied' by the Stitch-Ups ... which they would try to throw back at him)

So if Tuckers (the little fuckers) were thinking they've "queered Michael's pitch" ... the exact opposite is actually true.

We've come to expect 'Them' (ALL ... all the "Legals" involved) to continually make mistakes ... and then compound those mistakes with others.

So ... "New balls, please" (Tee-hee!)