Subject: Comments on comets
From: Veronica
Date: 27/11/13 1:26 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Everything fits the Electric Universe Theory.

(Including you ... of course).

Now ‘comets’ have been given the Electric Universe scrutiny … and … guess what … it all fits!

And, what’s more … as you’ll see in that documentary … Space Probes … which have brought back samples … have proved the “Dirty-Chunks-of-Ice” theory to be completely wrong.

Leaving the ‘conventional’ Scientists scratching their heads.

(But then, ‘conventional’ Scientists, Physicists, Anthropologists, and Astronomers … etc. -‘scratching their heads’ - is nothing new. They do it all the time … and - when they’ve stopped scratching - they just ignore the anomalies … and carry on with their bullshit … regardless) .

The Electric Universe Theory in full:

This is the key to where ‘conventional’ goes wrong:

Enchanted by the role of gravity in the cosmos, astronomers failed to recognize the pervasive role of charged particles and electric currents in space.

In other words, Astronomers theorise in terms of the RELATIVELY WEAK(*) force of Gravity alone, and forget all about Electricity (and Magnetism).


(*The electric Coulomb force between a proton and an electron is of the order of 10~39 (that’s 1 with 39 zeros after it) times stronger than the gravitational force between them. Could this be a force to be reckoned with? Could this be a force to ignore? Think about how strongly a North Pole Magnet attracts a South Pole Magnet! Put them in any kind of proximity ... and WHACK ... they will find each other! That’s not ‘gravity’ … that’s “electro-magnetic attraction”)