Subject: Light-Bulb Moment
From: Veronica
Date: 24/11/13 3:25 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Synchronicity works … not a moment too soon … not a moment too late.

From Neil, I was given a link to a 6-hour documentary that tries to ‘sanitise’ Adolf Hitler. The video was produced/created by someone called Dennis Wise. It’s called The Greatest Story NEVER Told, and, trying to find a link to watch it is problematic … because Mr. Wise wants to make as much money as possible from his product.

However, Neil sent me a link, of which about 80% worked. It tells the story of Adolf Hitler right from the start … including how he was decorated for bravery in WW1 … goes on the explain how he rose to became Chancellor of Germany … what he did for the German People … how he became embroiled in what became WW2 … and all the major events of WW2 … including Russia’s involvement under Stalin, and Roosevelt’s involvement of the US.

(For those who know about the Balfour Declaration during WW1 … that is covered)

I knew most of it, in overall terms, because of previous researches.

But one thing I had never considered, was how Hitler dug the Weimar Republic out of the shit, between 1933 and 1939 … in order to create what he called the 3rd Reich.

And the last part of that documentary explains. Hitler created Treasury Notes! (Aka: Greenbacks/Bradburys to us!).

So BING! A Light Bulb goes on! Because we now have a THIRD MOTIVE for WW2! The first two motives are well known: “War” creates massive profits for Banksters, and the practical application of the Balfour Declaration – to create the State of Israel.

Now we have a third motive: To demonise forever the idea of Treasury Notes … as in “This is what will happen to you if you go against us!”.

We know that the Zionist-Rothchild-Banksters are devious bastards, and we know how clever they think they are when they can instigate a Plan to kill MANY birds with ONE stone. So to kill THREE … would be right up their street!

As I said to Neil:

Hitler was (almost certainly) a Rothschild, and Churchill definitely was. So the whole situation was (quite probably) a Rothschild-created Plan.

The Hitler-Rothschild creates the 3rd Reich out of the Weimar Republic, utilising Rothschild-hated Treasury Notes.  Meanwhile the Churchill-Rothschild rallies hatred against Hitler, in England.

And so the scene is set. For the complete destruction of the world created by Hitler. Could that, for example, be the reasoning behind the intransigence of the all Rothschild-created Puppets in Poland, Russia, France, England and the States united?

There’s more to this way of reasoning. Prescott Bush was the father of George Herbert Walker Bush, and the grandfather of George Walker Bush. THERE IS A MASSIVE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE BUSH FAMILY AND THE ROTHCHILDS. During World War 2, Prescott Bush was channelling funds, via Fritz Tyssen, to Hitler’s regime. (Google these things). Bush was found guilty under the “Trading with the Enemy Act”. ONE ARTICLE (preserved in the Library of Congress) was written about it … and then the situation ‘disappeared’ (Rothschild-Controlled Media Embargo?).

Does that not indicate that the Rothschilds were up to their usual tricks of FUNDING BOTH SIDES?

People seem to forget. While, on the one hand it is true to say that “war” makes the Bankers a fortune … people’s thinking tends to stop short at that. When it comes to the Zionists, that’s surely one motive, BUT THEY LOVE TO KILL MORE THAN ONE BIRD WITH ONE STONE.

Consequently, one’s thoughts are directed towards “Demonising the idea of Treasury Notes” … as another possible (probable) stone?

Knowing what I know … I reckon so.