Subject: Holy Shit! Comet Ison!
From: Veronica
Date: 24/11/13 1:36 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Accompanied by the usual predictions of "doom & gloom" (aka "toxic fear porn")

Just like we were bombarded with ... as "A nuke going off at the Olympic Games, in London" ... and "The End of the World on 21st December, last year".

Well ... no doubt ... in SOME Realities those events did, indeed, occur.

But not in mine.

Because I have a Bank Card that doesn't run out until November 2015.

Thus, logically, I will live until at least November 2015, and planet Earth will be around, more or less intact, until November 2015. Because Santander has decreed this.

Of course, that reason is purely tongue-in-cheek.

But there are also shit-loads of REAL reasons (actually more or less an infinite number of them) NOT to "jump on the bandwaggon of rabid fear" about the date of the 28th November  - 4 days time - when Comet Ison passes closest to Earth (between the Earth and our Major Climate-Controller ... aka the Sun).

Of course, if you want to jump up and down about every prediction of doom & gloom, that's your choice.

But it isn't my choice.

To those who make the same choices as me, I say: I'll see you on the 29th November 2013.



EVERYTHING ... is there for YOU to place YOUR interpretation upon it.


If you decide to LEARN from an Event, then you are moving along your path towards Spiritual Enlightenment.

If you don't learn from an Event ... well ... you'll get as many chances (in the form of Events) as you need ... until it FINALLY DAWNS ON YOU.

It is SO IMPORTANT to remember: YOU ARE *NOT* YOUR PHYSICAL BODY. That's only A PART of what you are. There is far more of YOU, in other Dimensions/Densities.

Ancient Civilisations, Lemuria, Atlantis ... and so on ... knew all this.

ANIMALS KNOW ALL THIS. That's why they can be so affectionate, loyal, etc.
YOU would know all this, if you weren't blocked from 96% of your DNA.

(What has happened to me ... such that I can write all this? I'm now only blocked from 95% of my DNA ... I presume)

How does your physical body communicate with the rest of you? Through your Pineal Gland ... in your brain ... which acts as the conduit for your IMAGINATION. Your IMAGINATION is the 'communication'.
Therefore ... if you control your imagination ... in other words 'what you decide to imagine' ... you control yourself ... and everything that happens to you.

(And, by the way, that's the reason to avoid Fluoride ... which collects in the Pineal Gland, and tends to de-activate it. That's why the New World Order introduced Fluoride in quantities ... to stop you understanding all this ... by blocking your IMAGINATION. Look around you. Isn't the fundamental problem we face: "a Robotic lack of imagination"? The fact that the thugs-in-uniform, and Agents-of-the-State, have no imagination? Pineal Glands chock-full of Fluoride?)

And, btw, ANYTHING you can imagine, is perfectly possible, in Creation.

You are INCAPABLE of imagining something that is not possible.

How do I know all this? WE'VE BEEN TOLD ... over and over again ... for years!

And I'll tell you something else: WE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TOLD ... if that effort had been deemed "not worthwhile". If there not been a good chance that we could understand.

May The Force Be With You,