Subject: One way to deal with a so-called 'Judge'
From: Veronica
Date: 21/11/13 12:14 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

(From Peter):

Similar to 'my way'.

But what will happen is that the so-called 'Judge' will come back in, after they've gone, and either rule in absentia, or create an Arrest Warrant.

In the former case he will have to stick to his guns, and tell all the robots who try to enforce the ruling to fuck off.

In the latter case, he can simply go back under his own steam, and do the same thing again.

In my case, if a so-called Judge leaves the room, I would take over the case, sit in the Judge's chair (because, as a Human Being, I would be the most senior individual involved the matter - because the Court Staff are just role-playing) and tell the roll-playing Clerk to dismiss MY case.

If "Security" stepped forward, I would explain the Common Law crime of Common Assault to them.

Guy Taylor once stood up and dismissed a case while the so-called 'Judge' was still sitting (he has an audio recording of it).

Notice how she resorted to the "Contempt of Court" threat? READ WHAT CONTEMPT OF COURT ACTUALLY  IS: ... the Bitch & the Clerk (to her left) were the only two who could possibly be in "Contempt of Court".

Notice that when Ernie Wayne slung "Contempt" back at her, she shut up about it ... and eventually walked out?

When Vladimir interviewed me, he asked: "How do you detect a psychopath?".

He laughed, because I fumbled for an answer.

Well, Vladimir ... look at that female 'thing', sitting in the Judge's chair. What do you think she is?

Ask me that question again, Vladimir, and I'll point you to that YouTube video.


In simple terms, what does this mean?

It means that, if I have an idea, a plan, and you have a plan ... and we discuss it ... and I eventually say "OK, it's your shout after all, so we'll do it your way" ... then I have granted you the authority over me, for that plan.

If I really didn't like your plan, then I have the option of saying "Well, you go ahead ... but count me out". That way I'm NOT granting you authority.

If the circumstance is that you say: "We'll fucking-well do it my way, and I'll force you to do it my way" ... then you are a psychopath.