Subject: More Magna Carta
From: Veronica
Date: 20/11/13 5:30 pm
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(From Peter):

Which, once again starts well immediately after kick-off ... but about 5 minutes into the first half goes off on flights of fancy by ignoring what was previously said:

Magna Carta was not an act of Parliament. There was no Parliament. Magna Carta was not born of a revolution. Henry II's structures of government stayed in place. It was a bargain struck between King John and the Barons who thought themselves oppressed by his demands.
... and then morphs ... by some strange Australian magic ... into:
After John's death in 1216, Magna Carta was reissued by the Regents of the infant Henry 111 in 1216 and again in 1217. In 1225, Henry having come of age, he made the final and definitive reissue of the text under his seal. The original 63 Chapters were reduced to 37.
... and so on ... yada ... yada ... yada.

How can you 'reduce' something, that bore the Great Seal ... and said - in effect - but quite plainly - "You can't tamper with this in any way whatsoever"?