Subject: More Jury Nullification
From: Veronica
Date: 20/11/13 1:33 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Passed to me by Bob, with enormous thanks. ... a "Jury Nullification Handbook" (US)
and (UK)

1. No-one is going to let a mass-murderer go free. So, to claim that's possible, is always a non-argument. A straw argument. An evocative (and thus clever) DISTRACTION.

2. If a Jury is there to "judge the facts" ... what does that mean? It means "Using their Common Sense" in every way, shape form ... including "What Witnesses say", "How they say it", "What vibes they give off", "Their whole demeanour" ... etc. If a Jury can be trusted to do that, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with expecting a Jury to be able to judge the "legals" (that come out of Parliament), using the same faculties in order to "judge the legal". (Don't forget: "Legals" are very easy to judge ... because they are THE EXACT OPPOSITE of "Law". We don't need facts to tell us if a situation is right or wrong ... we can sense it in split-seconds. We have to be able to do that. It's a fundamental part of 'living")

There is, therefore, absolutely ZERO argument against Juries having that power. Even an argument that "They may get it wrong" is a non-argument. They currently GET IT FAR MORE WRONG ... simply because they aren't told HOW THEY COULD GET IT RIGHT.

Anyone who argues against telling a Jury their Rights is a PSYCHOPATH. A power-grabbing, tyrannical, piece of shit, called a PSYCHOPATH. Someone who (secretly) LOVES to see other people suffer (as long as it isn't themselves).

(Remember: Lord Justice Goddard used to wank ... when he got the chance to pass a Death Sentence. Pure sicko psycho!)

We have TWO Keys:

A. The Private Criminal Prosecution ... leading to a Jury judging us, as Prosecutors, as well as those we accuse.

B. Jury Nullification ... leading to a Jury judging the Judge and the CPS, as Prosecutors, and us ... if we are the accused.

But those keys only work if we use them ... and exercise them to the full.

I have to think about this.

We need to 'advertise'.



We need to drag people very simply to the Internet.

Something that can't be dismissed by the ASA ... because it doesn't give too much away.

Something like:

Jury Service?
Do you realise how privileged you are?
Do you know how much power that gives you?
The Judge won't tell you ...
... but we will: Google Jury Nullification
... maybe even that is too much.