Subject: How the English treat the most important document in history
From: Veronica
Date: 20/11/13 2:29 pm
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It claims that the Magna Carta Memorial "belongs to the American Bar Association".

Actually, that's fine, because the American Bar Association is subservient to the Bar Association in London (as do all Bar Associations, worldwide).

But what does it mean?

On the basis that the American Bar Association is distinct from the Bar Association (it's not ... but on the basis that it is ...) it means that our American cousins have more balls/knowledge than us English do.

It means that - at least - Americans recognise what the Magna Carta 1215 meant.

Read the directions given. They are a joke!

Get off the train at Egham and walk towards the town centre. Runnymede Meadow is about 1 mile from the station. The route is not signposted at present (although we hope it may be by next year!). It may be easiest to get a taxi to the Magna Carta tea room (run by the National Trust) from which it is a short walk across a field and up a slope to the memorial.
"... although we hope it may be by next year!" (i.e. 2014).

Yes ... because 2015 is the 800th Anniversary.

"It may be easiest to get a taxi ..." ... yes, because that part of the A308, which goes past it, is not even on a bloody bus route!

Saturday 15 June 2013 marks the 798th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. The event is recognised widely as being a foundation of the free world and individual freedom. The 800th anniversary celebrations in 2015 are likely to be international in scope, and a big focus will be on Runnymede. With two years to go, we're working with Surrey County Council, Runnymede Borough Council, Brunel University, Royal Holloway and the 800th Committee on exciting plans on how we'll celebrate the anniversary at Runnymede and enhance how you can experience this special place.
So special, it's not even signposted. (Ahh ... but "... we hope it may be by next year!")

Actually I've been down that road many times, by car.

I've always looked for it, but never seen it.

No wonder.

Now (having Googled) I can see that:

(a) I was always tending to look Thames-side, and
(b) It's in the middle of the opposite green ... and you'd need to look literally sideways, while driving.
(c) If there are any signposts - to the memorial itself - then they are completely "missable".

Still, I know where it is now, and I'll take a butcher's in a few weeks time, and take some pix.