Subject: Abiotic Oil
From: Veronica
Date: 20/11/13 11:42 pm
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(Mark, from the Sovereign Nation of Fidach ... quite near Edinburgh ... has reminded me)

I don't know how many people on this list know, but "oil" is NOT a 'fossil fuel'.

It doesn't come from 'dead dinosaurs'. Or any 'crushed organic material'.

It's been proved to be 'abiotic' ... which means "The Earth makes it ... via chemical processes that continuously occur within the Earth's magma ... deep within its bowels"

So "oil" is never going to run out.

If you want to read it, here is the link: ...
... but I have to say that description is pretty heavy going, and the Writer dismisses the late Prof. Tom Gold, of Cornell University, who wrote a book about it called "The Deep Hot Biosphere" (which I have a copy of).

The Writer also jumbles up the "Two Theories about oil" ... which makes for confusing reading.

It's quite obvious the Writer wants to 'hold the Reader in suspense, like a good Crime Thriller', because it takes him about 13 paragraphs to reach his point ... and only obliquely, even when he does.

(At the end of that link, I was glad to see that a "GEOLOGIST-GEOPHYSICIST", by the name of Harry Mason, corrects the Writer's dismissal of Prof. Gold and his work).

Glossary. "FTW" refers to the website of Mike Ruppert called FromTheWilderness(.com). Mike Ruppert is a dickhead & a shill ... along with cronies Dale Allen Pfeiffer & Colin Campbell, etc. ... who tried to drive the idea of "the planet is running out of oil" to the top of everyone's agenda. Their "doom & gloom operation" was a forerunner to the "doom & gloom operation" of "Man-Made Global Warming".

Ruppert & Co didn't succeed ... possibly because the Environmentalists ... who were "winding up to fever pitch" on "Man-Made Global Warming" were kinda saying "Well ... if there's no more oil ... that's sorta good ... because CO2-producing Big Industry will have to wind down".

So the two scams were mutually contradictory, and shills Ruppert & Co obviously bought the Poisoned Chalice of the two.