Subject: More about Council Tax
From: Veronica
Date: 18/11/13 4:03 pm
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From Mark:
what these council officials fail to see by the time they come to collect there wont be any money in the pot it will have been stolen or siphoned off by the scum at the very top.
There are a lot of things these Council Officials & their lackey Magistrates don't see.

1. By applying for bankruptcy, they are unlikely to get what they want and - if if they do - they'll only get it once.

2. By sending someone to prison, they forget that - in 1993 - it cost £2,500 PER INMATE, PER WEEK, to keep someone in prison. That's probably something like £3,500 PER WEEKS, these days. And they STILL DON'T GET A PENNY.

When I came out of prison, 1993 - having spent 4 weeks there - for not paying the Poll Tax - I wrote to the Local Council. I said: "Walton Magistrates Court ordered me to pay £10 week. I didn't pay you a penny. So you enforced a 28-day prison sentence on me. That would have cost the Taxpayer £10,000 in total. And you still haven't been paid a penny. Now what are you going to do?"

I'm still waiting for their reply.

The point is that - if we are dedicated - we have all the Aces.

It's just a shame that 99.99% of the population don't realise that.