Subject: Update from Luton
From: Veronica
Date: 16/11/13 9:43 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Leon Briggs died in Police Custody in Luton.

According to those at a recent meeting:

1. He was a nice bloke, and healthy as anyone else.

2. He was arrested "under Mental Health Legislation" at 2:00pm in a crowded street, i.e. Marsh Road, Luton.

3. TWENTY MINUTES LATER ... he was dead.

4. The "Mental Health Legislation" was envoked after the Policymen 'received complaints' about his behaviour.

Well ... that was swift work! If someone complains about you ... then you are immediately mentally ill? Anyone who has had problems with a neighbour will know that quite often THE ONE WHO MAKES THE COMPLAINT is the one who is mentally ill.

I can actually attest to that.

The woman ... who lives in the flat below me ... and has made a number of complaints about me, is mentally ill.

Huh? A few years ago, I went round the UK in my Campervan.

I went all over ... up as far as Hull ... Manchester ... Liverpool ... South Wales ... Birmingham

I was away for about 19 days.

On 'Day 13', of my travels, I stayed with Simon & Angie in Carmarthenshire.

When I arrived back, I found a note from her on the doormat.

She was complaining about me "banging and crashing around, in my flat, Day 13".

I was 200 miles away, at the time!

She had copied this complaint to the Resident's Association and Richmond NHS.

Another time (during a Summer) the birds were chattering away (as they do) one hot evening. She went out and screamed at them to "Shut up!!!!"

One night, I had been sitting reading a PDF File for about an hour. How 'noisy' is that? Suddenly there was a CRASH in my front door. Obviously I jumped out of my skin!

Yes ... the one who actually does the complaining can easily be the one who is mental.