Subject: Update from Lancashire
From: Veronica
Date: 16/11/13 9:13 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

A few days ago, in Manchester, the Bayleafs tried to hold their annual "Award Ceremony" ... in a hotel.

Unfortunately, it didn't go to well for them ... as reported by a Scouse/Manc group who were also in the same hotel ... at the time .

Apparently the Bayleafs were disrupted by stink bombs & fire alarms going off ... or something like that.

Apparently the local Policymen arrived, scratched their heads a bit, stood around for a bit ... looking like household cats (... as they do ...**) ... and eventually toddled orf ... leaving all the sad little Bayleafs to go back to their little homey-womeys ... slightly UN-Award-Ceremonied.


(** They are paid to do that. To stand around with their thumbs hooked into the top of their stab jackets. They are NOT paid to catch criminals you know ...)