Subject: Forvegian University update
From: Veronica
Date: 15/11/13 12:04 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Acting First Minister Stuart: of the family Hill, Foreign Minister Danny: of the family Bamping, have been in consultation with (M')Lord and Lady Taylor of Hereford, in order to create a University Annexe on M'Lud's Estates in Hereford.

Specifically, a University Annexe Campus at Bodenham Manor.

It has been proposed that the following Faculties should be established:

1. One for Overseas Foreigners ... which will be known as the Overseas Foreigners Faculty (OFF) ... aka FUCK (OFF)

2. One for Information Technology ... which will be known as (IT) ... aka FUCK (IT)

3. One for Mechanical Engineering ... (ME) ... aka FUCK (ME)

4. One for other Sciences & Technologies (ST), combined with investigations into Unexplained Phenomena (UP), and another International Diplomacy (ID).

The latter four will probably be combined into FUCK (ME) (ST) (UP) (ID)

Just keeping you up-to-date on the most recent developments.

HRH The Good Queen Veronica of Forvik Island xxx

PS I'm indebted to Emil, who pointed out that one of the first independent Scottish Television Channels, intended to serve the Highlands, was originally intended to be called "Scottish Highlands Independent Television". But I don't think that name got very far.