Subject: I see the Moon ...
From: Veronica
Date: 14/11/13 2:29 pm
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... and the Moon sees me ...

From Peter ... I got this link:

Old electrical/electronics magazines, circa 1917, and so on.

(American, of course)

In one of them there is an article by Nikola Tesla.

He argues that the Moon DOES NOT rotate around it's own axis.

It rotates around the Centre of The Earth.

Both rotations would give the same effect ... i.e. that we can only ever observe one face of it.

The possibility that "the Moon rotating around it's own axis ... in perfect tune with that of the Earth" ... has always been "far fetched" ... to my way of thinking.

Especially the bit about it "creating the tides" ... because "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"  ... said Sir Isaac Newton.

Which would mean that "the tides" would affect the Moon (and it's axial rotation) just as much.

However, if the Moon rotates around the Centre of the Earth, then 'gravity' (aka "the Force of Attraction between very large masses") would continue to drag it round (month after month).

This information published in 1917 ... so how much do Astronomers REALLY know?