Subject: For ladies only ...
From: Veronica
Date: 13/11/13 10:42 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... I presume you already know that finding the right bra size is not as easy as it sounds?

Here are most of the reasons why:

All in all ... it's a bloody nightmare!

("Asymmetrical breasts"? I know at least one girl with one breast HALF the size of the other!)

And ... to cap it all ... Amazon use a Sizing Chart which seems to be completely unique:

... whatever that means!!!!

(That's not a T-Shirt Sizing Chart ... that's their BRA SIZING Chart!
Yes ... that's only in their "Selection Panel" ... the sizes are labelled normally for each item ... but ... even so ... as you'll read in that Wackypedia article ... you can't rely on normal sizing either ... a 40C from Gossard is not, necessarily, the same as a 40C from Triumph! And so on)

And we are, of course, talking about a serious impact on women's overall health.