Subject: A Life Of Brian
From: Veronica
Date: 11/11/13 10:29 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

There is some truth in this … but I can’t confirm some of it.

Before you can understand my comments, you’d need to refer to the article linked above.

1.       I can’t confirm this … but someone has paid out a lot of money for a snazzy website:

… and I don’t think it came from UK Column sales. That sort of website don’t come cheap!


2.       Is correct.


3.       If Kate Coburn is Jewish, then I’m quite amazed. She has certainly never given me any reason to think so, whenever I’ve met her, or had e-mail conversations with her. I don’t know of any “Islamic propaganda” that she has written. (But that doesn’t mean to say (a) That Kate isn’t Jewish, and (b) Doesn’t mean to say that she hasn’t written that kind of stuff).


4.       If this is true, and I’ve no reason to doubt it (after all, Brian Gerrish is as stupid as that …), then I’m not surprised.


5.       Ditto above.


6.       Ditto above.


7.       This is a bit wishy-washy … although I do know that the ORIGINAL Editor of “what became the UK Column” (a guy called David Noakes, who was Gerrish’s original partner) tells a story about Gerrish’s behaviour that is decidedly unsavoury. Leading to the conclusion that Gerrish is an arrogant arsehole, and can’t be trusted. (Exemplified by Gerrish’s e-mails to me … which I published out on this list about a year ago).


8.       Yes … this is very true. Over the past year or so the “Hollie Greig business”  has attracted a lot of Internet input declaring the whole thing to be a hoax. Without a doubt, when there are ‘females’ involved, Brian Gerrish, Roger Hayes, Robert Green, and Belinda (below) etc. are about as gullible as it is possible to be.


9.       Belinda McKenzie’s ‘dodgyness’  is rapidly becoming an urban legend. There are a number of people prepared to “call her out”. She admits to connections to the Rothschilds family, which seems decided dodgy … to me.


There’s this:


(The big problem is Belinda’s deep involvement in Lloyd Pye’s Starchild Project, such that Lloyd thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. [But … we are working on that …]. Fortunately, the Starchild Project has … to a considerable extent … been taken over by turning it into some kind of ‘company’… in order to produce the necessary publicity materials … which is being run by American ‘backers’)


Even if Belinda isn’t as ‘dodgy’ as claimed, she certainly has ABSOLUTELY ZERO ‘DISCERNMENT’ … on who she associates with. AND THAT IS A FACT.


10.   Well … yes … “Venus” aka “the dove” is the occult symbol of sacrifice … and the Union Jack is a long way from the “best symbol for the Truth”. But this could just be the fact that Gerrish doesn’t – actually – know what he’s doing (and is certainly far and away too arrogant to listen to anyone’s sage advice!)


All in all, those “10 reasons why Brian Gerrish is a shill”, would not be my reasons for criticism (at least, not all of them) … and I would add a few reasons of my own.

Personally, I would create reasons for “Brian Gerrish being a complete, arrogant, arsehole” who has duped many thousands of people to support him.

The reasons I would give are:

A.      The stories, as printed in the UK Column, are based on ‘sensationalised’ half-truths, and do not report anything objectively. There is always a “story-behind-the-story” that they report … in the way they report it. And the “story-behind-the-story” can lead to quite different conclusions. The UK Column, in a nutshell, is grossly misleading.


B.      Gerrish’s associations with Tony Farrell and Ian Crane are decidedly dodgy … just as dodgy as his association with Belinda.


C.      Even the staff at the UK Column (and that includes Kate) are dismayed by Gerrish’s antics.


D.      Gerrish won’t go near ANY KIND of ‘solution’. He spends his life wallowing in toxic fear porn … and thinks that some kind of solution can come from him “joining the corruption club” … i.e. by becoming an MP.