Subject: So-called 'Law Firms' going out of business ...
From: Veronica
Date: 4/11/13 1:49 pm
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From Guy & Linda:

... as of 1st November, 2013.

They really don't like the new rules about Indemnity Insurance (and removal of Legal Aid).

Note: Of course, the idea is that they are forced into consolidation into 'big' firms. Exactly the same techniques (originally) used to push us into 'impersonalised city dwellings'.

Of course, the other thing is that they are afraid of us:
... as some (at last!) Irishmen get up off their knees (but not for the first time in history!).

Interesting anecdote:

A few weeks ago, while walking back from a shopping trip, a couple (who live at the end of my road), started talking to me, as I passed by.

So I stopped for a chat.

While we were talking, one of the Dustmen came around the corner (on his own ... the 'advanced guard' ... who was throwing the black bags to the edge of the road ... ahead of the lorry).

The couple (apparently) knew him ... and started some banter with him.

He was Irish. And started to make jokes about the Irish ... saying that he was from Northern Ireland (Belfast). I said "I know someone from Belfast ... who is taking on the corrupt Courts, and so on". He seemed very pleased at this.

He carried on bantering about the Irish.

Eventually I said "There's nothing wrong with the Irish ... they've saved 'civilisation' twice!"

He said "Yes ... I know all about that".

This guy was doing one of the most menial tasks that 'society' can allocate ...and yet he showed more intelligence than those whose garbage he helps to clean up!