Subject: Paxo (a Brand name)
From: Veronica
Date: 4/11/13 2:59 pm
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(From Doug)

Jeremy Paxman was on the Graham Norton Show the other night and he said...

"I interviewed Russell Brand the other day and he was banging on about how people are really disenchanted with politics and I think he's right!  I disagree with him about all sorts of things, but I think he's absolutely right.  I think people are completely fed up with posturing politicians and they realise - the public are way ahead of politicians - they realise we have loads of really difficult intractable problems. These people come along and make us promises saying they can definitely solve them themselves; there's only two ways of looking at the world: their way and their opponents way; their way is right; their opponents is wrong and they're going to solve everything.  It's rubbish!"  

Jeremy Paxman, Graham Norton Show, Friday 1 Nov 2013, @30:08

I guess we'll have to wait to see whether or not any Politicians are stuffed by Paxo.