Subject: Russel Brand ... get a clue!
From: Veronica
Date: 2/11/13 6:41 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Larken Rose pulls Russell Brand and Paxo to pieces.

(However, it seems that even Larken doesn't realise that Brand is just a Gatekeeper)

Nevertheless, Larken's view is the only possible view ... which is that the ONLY WAY to fix ANYTHING ... and the only thing that you CAN fix ... is to fix what's inside YOUR head.

Stop IMAGINING "authority" ... and there IS NO "authority" ... the only authority over YOU ... is YOU. (Use that authority wisely!)

And that is the definition of Freedom ... and that is the ONLY definition of Freedom.

Larken refers to his book. Did I not say, in my book: "You are free because YOU SAY you are free"? "Because no-one else will"? Did I not say that? Read it. It's been in every Edition.

It's saying the same thing as Larken Rose: "THE PROBLEM IS ENTIRELY IN YOUR OWN HEAD. AND THAT'S THE PLACE TO FIX IT".

Voting for XYZ Politician ... voting for XYZ Solution ... campaigning on XYZ issue ... petitioning on XYZ issue ... WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

At best it will simply MOVE THE PROBLEM ("move the goalposts").

THE IMAGINATION OF AUTHORITY ***********IS********** the problem.

THE ILLUSION OF AUTHORITY ***********IS********** the problem.

Stop imagining. Stop being FUCKING DELUSIONAL.