Subject: More "TV Licence"
From: Veronica
Date: 1/11/13 10:05 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

This must be (of all those things a Lawful Rebel can do), by far the simplest & easiest (in order to stick a tentative toe in the water).

I've not paid ANYTHING to the BBC for over 20 years. I have a 20-year-old STACK of their letters (all unopened) ... telling me "URGENT ACTION REQUIRED".

The only thing wrong with that film (which, btw, mentions "Your Right to Silence") ...

... is that he omits to mention that "Withholding the TV Licence Fee" is NOT "doing anything wrong".

You are simply ensuring that YOU DON'T GET ROBBED/DEFRAUDED ... by Crapita/BBC.

If a Mugger steps up and demands 'money' from you, then you'd feel nauseated by the situation.

You would know that the Mugger has no right to do that.

There is absolutely ZERO difference between these ARSEHOLES (Crapita/BBC) and the Mugger ... except that maybe Crapita/BBC are slightly more polite (aka "the smile on the face of the tiger") ... but (at least) the Mugger is honest about it, and doesn't engage in massive fraud & deceptions in order to steal from you.

Oh ... it's WONDERFUL to see this sort of thing catching on!

PS BTW: Did you know that the BBC are funded by the Treasury, the EU & China(**)? (And by the FORTUNE they make ... by selling their UTTER GARBAGE all over the world?)

"Funded by the EU"? Does that explain a lot about their so-called "unbiased" output regarding the EU?

It makes me want to throw up.

(** And by what can only be described as "people who LOVE being robbed")