Subject: The story behind the story ...
From: Veronica
Date: 30/10/13 7:08 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Here's the story:

Here the story behind it

1. G4S are supposed NOT to come under exactly the same Regulations as Court Security Officers ... but ... in practice ... from all the information Michael has collected so far (including the response to a Freedom of Information request) ... they are allowed to function using the same UTTERLY SHODDY methods of training/testing.

2. Notice, in that article, the lack of the most essential question: What medication was Carter on?

His GP sent him to counselling, but he quit after two sessions because the counsellor annoyed him.
"There has been evidence before the court of Mr Carter's medical state  and there is nothing  to add"
So that's OK, then?

An innocent woman was horribly bludgeoned to death ... for no apparent reason ... and the perpetrator has been sentenced to 20 years.

All done.

Pats on backs all round.

Case now closed.

Actually ,,, it's not. Very much not.

What FUCKING DRUGS was he on? Because whoever prescribed that SHYTE is AS GUILTY AS CARTER ... in fact MORE SO.

And those who manufactured that UTTER FUCKING SHYTE, EVEN MORE GUILTY THAN THAT!

In fact, the REAL GUILTY PARTIES have got away with it completely ... as they always do.